Enhancing Resiliency with Futures Thinking

Leaders Worthy of Your Trust

We believe everyone has The Human Right to Foresight.

That is why our strategic foresight consultancy enables organizations, communities, and individuals to enhance resiliency with futures thinking.

Our team members include global authorities and trusted advisors whose expertise includes:

  • Futures Thinking
  • Board and C-Suite Advisory Services
  • Executive Coaching, Facilitation, Implementation Support, Training and Education, Thought Leadership
  • Converging Crises, Earth System Science, Sustainability, Resilience
  • Environmental, Social & Governance (ESG) Issues
  • Private, Public, and Social Sectors

Our Areas of Focus

Geopolitical Instability

The global order is shaky. Authoritarian governments, anxious populations, humanitarian conflicts and crises. Refugees on the move.

Social polarization is growing, too. Such destabilizing societal impacts contribute to interconnected geopolitical risks that make every business and policy decision more consequential.

To protect lives and livelihoods, organizations need to develop strategies that are resilient to multiple plausible scenarios.

We help you get there.

Socioeconomic Reordering

Gaps between the richest and poorest continue to grow within and among countries. Supply chain disruptions lead to increased food prices, more food insecurity, and widening inequality. 

Change is afoot with urgent calls for wealth redistribution, gender and cultural equity, divestment from harmful industries, and stringent regulations.

Organizations must navigate these shifts with urgency and wisdom.

We support you to live your values.

Physical & Mental Health

Declines in physical and mental health across society reduce quality of life, make cultures less vital, and weaken economies. Intergenerational divides affect the health status of young, the elderly–and everyone in between.

As people navigate a rapidly changing world, mental health issues remain under-addressed in a myriad of ways. Positioning your organization to be innovative and thoughtful across generations provides hope.

To lead well, organizations need to tackle health challenges with compassion and ingenuity.

We ensure you’re positioned to be a leader.

Technological Acceleration

Technology innovations are disrupting industry and society with both positive and negative impacts.

Organizations need to determine where new technologies provide opportunities for growth and innovation, while simultaneously protecting themselves from associated risks such as cyberattacks and deepfakes.

Organizations must address technology risks with ethical approaches to digital innovation.

We help you identify where ethical digital innovation is needed.

Environment & Climate Change

The climate crisis is the “greatest global health threat facing the world in the 21st century,” according to The Lancet. As global temperatures rise, ice melts at the poles, oceans rise and acidify, while ecological issues, agri-food disruptions, and poor health multiply.

Destabilizing and distressing effects of environment and climate change create ever-expanding interconnected risks that touch all aspects of life. Organizations must make positive contributions to our societies’ futures with business and policy leadership–and responsible solutions.

We help you make sense of climate risks and opportunities so you don't regret your actions (or inaction).