Sanjay Khanna shares knowledge, experience and insight on interrelated challenges of economic uncertainty, mental well being, social cohesion, innovation, and extreme weather and climate change. Mr. Khanna explores adaptation strategies and techniques for building hope amid uncertainty. His seminars support creativity for corporate clients, public sector leaders and postgraduate students. He inspires participants to conceive effective approaches to resilience, innovation and cognitive performance.


“Adapting to the Future”
Sanjay Khanna & James Orbinski

Massey College, University of Toronto
Toronto, Canada
Winter 2012

Massey College Senior Fellow James Orbinski and Saul Rae Fellow Sanjay Khanna developed and facilitated Adapting to the Future,a four-part seminar series for Massey College Junior Fellows. The three-hour seminars focused on adapting to major shifts occurring today in areas such as macroeconomic change, climate change, technology innovation, and social and public health services. Engaging discussions assisted participating Junior Fellows to determine strategies and approaches individuals might take to adapt to significant macroeconomic, sociopolitical and environmental shifts, locally and globally.

Keynotes and Papers

“Managing Risk and Change”
Centre for Addiction and Mental Health, Toronto, 2014

“Managing Risk and Change”
Norwegian Agricultural Firm, Oslo, Norway, 2014

“Managing Risk and Change”
Norwegian Bank, Oslo, Norway, 2014

“Managing Risk and Change”
Embassy of Canada to Norway, Oslo, Norway, 2014

“Adapting to Shocking Change”
Privy Council of Canada, Policy Horizons Canada, Canada School of Public Service, Ottawa, 2014

Khanna, S. (2014). Epilogue: The Credible Sentinel. In A. Singh, & Z. Zommers (Eds.), Reducing Disaster: Early Warning Systems for Climate Change. (pp. 377-383). New York, NY: Springer Science+Business Media LLC.

“A Force of Nature: Emerging Conditions of Social Protest”
Pierre Elliott Trudeau Foundation | Fondation Pierre Elliott Trudeau, Montreal, 2013

“Communicating Climate Change Just Got Harder”
Grantham Institute for Climate Change, Imperial College, London, 2011

“Resilience and Sustainability Amid Inadequate Civil Preparedness”
Arup, New York, 2011

“Resilience and Sustainability of Stakeholders Amid Economic Crisis”
Small Group Dialogue with Senior Leaders
, International Labor Organization (ILO), United Nations, New York, 2011

“Exploring the Future: Innovation in 21st Century International Development”
Social Capital Markets (SOCAP) Conference, San Francisco, 2010

Facing Reality of Socioeconomic Shifts and Extreme Climatic Change″
Small Group Dialogue with Top Policy Official and Senior Analysts, Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency, Stockholm, Sweden, 2010

Leading During Socioeconomic and Environmental Transition″
Presentation to World Leaders at Youth, Employment, and Sustainability Summit, Tällberg Foundation, International Labour Organization, Leksand, Sweden, 2010

Dialogue on Evolving Values and the Future of Consumption″
Tällberg Foundation, Bertelsmann Foundation, Berlin, Germany, 2010