Foresight, the Future and the Policy Agenda

Sanjay Khanna, Resident Futurist at Massey College, is a keynote speaker at an inspiring federal government event that aims to support federal public servants to think ahead 10 to 15 years “in a rapidly changing context.” Event description below.

Fifteen Years Out… Foresight, the Future and the Policy Agenda

The public service must start today to prepare for the challenges Canadians and governments will be facing in 10 to 15 years from now. However, it is difficult to define an action plan to promote Canada’s resilience and competitiveness when working within a rapidly changing context. That is why foresight methods are attracting growing interest regarding support to decision making and planning within an organization. Join representatives from the Policy Horizons Canada, the Privy Council Office, the University of Toronto and the Conference Board of Canada to examine the various issues that could affect Canada in the years to come.

Date: March 27, 2014   | 1:30 p.m. to 3:30 p.m. (EDT)
  • Jacques Paquette, Assistant Deputy Minister responsible for Policy Horizons Canada
  • Ian Shugart, Chair of Policy Horizons Canada’s Deputy Ministers’ Steering Committee and Deputy Minister of Employment and Social Development Canada
  • Graham Flack, Deputy Secretary to the Cabinet (Plans and Consultations and Intergovernmental Affairs), Privy Council Office
  • Sanjay Khanna, Resident Futurist at Massey College, University of Toronto
  • Satyamoorthy (Kabi) Kabilan, Director of National Security and Strategic Foresight at the Conference Board of Canada

Language: Bilingual

Location: Académie De-La-Salle, 373 Sussex Drive (Guigues Avenue entrance), Ottawa, Ontario or via webcast

Audience: This activity is open to all federal public servants.

Twitter: @DSCPI #hzca

Official Event Links: Canada School of Public ServicePolicy Horizons Canada

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