Today’s far-reaching interconnected risks and threats lie on a continuum between complexity and chaos. They include “wicked problems” such as economic uncertainty, financial instability and social fragmentation, as well as “super wicked problems” including environmental tipping points, extreme weather and climate change.

Understanding inextricably linked phenomena demands a powerful brand of original thinking and strategic insight—precisely what Mr. Khanna’s consulting practice offers.

Addressed too late twenty-first century risks and threats could result in cascading uncontrolled consequences. Thinking ahead mitigates risks, makes opportunities visible and promotes successful adaptation.

His groundbreaking practice employs a proprietary Resilience-Innovation-Cognitive Performance Framework™, which emphasizes successful adaptation at the crossroads of 1.) resilience, 2.) innovation and 3.) cognitive performance.

Mr. Khanna’s framework empowers businesses, governments and not-for-profits to Adapt to the Future today—and in the years ahead.

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