Sanjay Khanna helps businesses, governments and not-for-profits to Adapt to the Future. Mr. Khanna’s boutique consulting practice uses his proprietary Resilience-Innovation-Cognitive Performance Framework™ to help organizations adapt to abrupt change today and in the years ahead.

Abrupt change will affect the political economy, the social fabric and the climate system, placing disproportionate pressure on organizations, people and cultures. We assist clients with successful adaptation.

Today his practice’s proprietary approach to business, consumer, social, cultural, political and environmental matters assists organizations with:

  • Strategic foresight
  • Strategic leadership
  • Strategic communications
  • Risk communications
  • Risk management
  • Change management
  • Ideation and innovation

Mr. Khanna received scenario-planning training on a scholarship from the Global Business Network. He trained alongside strategic planners from Deutsche Bank, the Government of Singapore (Prime Minister’s Office), Mars Corporation, Morgan Stanley, Pemex, Petroleos de Venezuela and others. His experience in advertising, analyst relations, strategic and risk communications, and print and online journalism enriches his consulting practice.

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